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Chapter One : Scope and Objective

Article 1 : Name of the society :

The Physical Society of Iran
The Physical Society of Iran is a scientific, specialised research, non-political and non-profit society which in this statue is exclusively termed as society.

Article 2 :  Location of the society :

The society's main centrf. shall be in tehran and if necessary, branches, offices or representatives of the society shall be established in other cities of the country, with the approval of the scientific commission for societies, ministry of culture and higher education.

Article 3 :  Nationality of the society :

The society has the nationality of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 4 :  Duration of the society :

Indefinite, from the date of its establishment.

Article 5 :  Aims and Objectives of the society :

a. Establishing and strengthening scientific and research contacts between physicists and between academic members of the country's institutes of higher education in the field of physics.
b. Upgrading the level of education in physics.
c. Upgrading the level of skills and knowledge of physics faculty members.
d. Introduction modern teaching methods to physics teaching members.
e. Cooperating with appropriate authorities in research activities, systematic evaluation and revisions in systems and text-books, and inter equivalent of scientific terms aimed at improving the teaching methods in physics.
f. Establishing contacts with scientific institutions and international associations in other courtiers aimed at cooperation and understanding the advances in the field of research and education in physics.
g. Releasing publications containing recent developments in sciences and dissertations about advances in research and education in the field of physics in iran.
h. Disseminating information to other countries through publication of pamphlets and dissertations about advances in research and education in the field of physics in iran.
i. Establishing regular contacts between physicists in the country aimed at promoting exchange of views on physics education.
j. Organizing conferences, scientific seminars and workshops ( periodic or annually ).
k. Honoring researchers and distinguished physicists of the country who have made significant contribution to the advancement of sciences and also those who have rendered outstanding services in advancing the objectives of the society.
l. Honoring celebrated physicists of the world.
m. Conducting studies on issues which contribute to promoting physics in submitting the study findings in form of proposals to the concerned authorities.
n. Establishing and strengthening links between researchers in physics and the industries in the country.

Article 6 :  

Plans, proposals and other activities provided for in the statue and has bearing to the functions of any one of the ministries or government organizations shall be undertaken after securing their approval.

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